It all begins with the “land”. Land ownership is fundamental to the idea of progress set by the earliest founders of this “New Land”. The clearing of land for farms to the development of land for building cities, the evolution of the land purchase has reshaped our country with each generation. A successful transaction requires guidance and assistance in acquiring the necessary information for making the final site selection. Whether for the purpose of speculation, development, or farming, Mel Foster Commercial Real Estate Services is one of the area’s premier brokers in land transactions.

From an individual parcel to hundreds of acres, Mel Foster’s owners and buyers can make confident decisions regarding their land acquisition by having detailed information. Our experienced agents can provide a full array of reports including:

  • Analysis of the land attributes both topographically and geologically, as well as agricultural to ensure a sound recommendation;
  • Appraisal of the property value based on the past and proposed usage, comparable properties, neighboring properties;
  • Researching the peripheral features such as zoning, use requirements, easements, tax incentives;
  • Compiling demographic data to study land use trends, prime growth areas and traffic counts;
  • Logistical evaluation of the site location; supporting roadways; accessibility; surrounding area.

Our Mel Foster Commercial agents will provide you with the tools that are essential for a successful outcome. The celebration of breaking ground is the landmark of a successful beginning. We at Mel Foster Co. want to help you, as an owner or a buyer, succeed in your land transaction.